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A Flower of A Different Color

Today in the lab the following was completed. The vector was completed today in extraction and then tested using electrophoresis by Diwash and Angie. Sushma and Rajiv prepared the gel that was used for the vector electrophoresis. The gel had some problems occur while it was running, the bands were very smeared and the results were inconstant compared the marker. The vector will have to be rerun on Tuesday to compare the results to see if it was a gel preparation problem or if it was the vector. Tiffany, Binu and Melissa found the dq148458 mRNA sequence that we will use from the orchid. They also found the promoter that will be used in the vector to promote the expression of the gene in E. coli. The vector that will be used is 58bp long from the parts registry which is easier to insert and transcribe. Melissa designed the primers, the forward and reverse primers from the computer program Amplify 1.2. The sequences will be posted in the proposal and emailed to each group member. Tiffany and Binu found from other websites that there are no known restriction sites that will interfere with the biobrick vector and development of the part.

The objectives and tasks to complete for next week. Have primers approved by Axel and made by IDT. To start RNA extractions from the orchid flowers using Liquid Nitrogen. To retest the vectors to see if the error that occurred was due to the way the vectors were made or by the gel made. To send out an updated sheet on the amount of the materials left in stock to teams Emblazon and Wintergreen E. coli.