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A Flower of A Different Color

Today we have accomplished several objectives in the lab. Binu and Susham prepared the CTAB buffer and TE buffer that will be used for DNA extractions and preped all the lab equipment (filling tip boxes, checking the equipment, etc.). Angie and Dishwash found their protocols that they will use for the Vector. Angie and Dishwash also decided that they will use the Vector pSH1AC3 from Axels lab and the Parts Library. Rajiv, Tiffany adn Melissa fund the RNA and DNA extraction protocols for the Plant and DNA extraction for the E. coli K-12 strain. Rajiv, Tiffany adn Melissa decided to preform RNA and DNA extraction on the plant since the intron location in the Cytochrome P450 gene is unknown. Tiffany, Rajiv and Melissa will preform reverse PCR on the RNA to make it DNA compentant. Repsoniblities in the lab has also changed so Binu and Sushma are working on Vector with Angie and Dishwash till the vector is prepared and ready for the BioBrick part that is being made by Rajiv, Tiffany and Melissa. Protocols that we will be using: Miniprep/GET BUFFER (from Open Wet Ware OWW), Preparing chemically competent cells (OWW), SOC (OWW), SOB (OWW), Streptomyces:Protocols/Mini-Maxi Prep (OWW).