2020(S13) Lecture:week 5

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Week 5 Tuesday

Project Work Day

To help you scope out what's expected next week, we'll watch a presentation that was made a few years ago in this class by the team of Kateryna, Sarah, and John. They called their team "Cough, Drop, and Die." The ppt for their 3 ideas is here. The presentation itself runs from 25:50 until 45:00 on the DVD I have. Then, in terms of scoping our your ideas you might want to think about

Week 5 Studio

Project Work Day

You'll have the studio session to work with your senior mentors on your 3 ideas. Before you leave today, please make everyone is clear on what should be done before tomorrow.


Tomorrow you'll have some time to meet with others who have worked in synthetic biology (iGEM, or in other ways) and you should have a plan for how you'll present your ideas to them. This may involve images that you can later use in your 3 ideas presentation, or verbally as an elevator-style pitch.

Week 5 Thursday

Consultation Session

Today we'll have a few experts in project design come by to hear your ideas. They'll give you some feedback and ideas about complementary approaches or pitfalls to your work. You and your team can review their input, choose to vary your ideas or not, and then go forward with some additional notions of what's a tough sell and what sells itself. These notions should be helpful to you as you prepare for your 3 ideas presentation next week.