2020(S13) Lecture:week 12

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Week 12 Tuesday

Tips on giving talks

Today we considered tip and tricks that you might use to construct and deliver even better presentations. Here is a link to the slides (with some notes): PDF and here's a YouTube video that illustrates a lot of powerpoint "do's" and "don'ts."
Happy Presenting!

  • Team Break it down
    • Dr. Micheal Wollenberg, Forsyth Institute
    • 11AM, 16-220

Week 12 Studio

Project work day + Consultations

  • Team Superfly
    • all folks to talk with you are only available on Thursday
  • Team ChaufFEur
  • Team Break it down

Week 12 Thursday

Project work day + Consultations

  • Team Break it down
  • Team Superfly
    • April 25th [Marina Vidaki]
      • post-doc Gertler Lab
      • will stop by 16-220, ~11
    • [Eric Klawiter, MD MSc]
      • Assistant Professor of Neurology - Harvard Medical School
      • Assistant Neurologist - Massachusetts General Hospital
      • call from my office at 11:05
    • [Debra Bauer]
      • visiting lecturer in Neuroscience, Wellesley College
      • call from my office at noon
  • Team ChaufFEur
    • Probiotic Research

Next week you'll have all the class sessions to work on your project with your group. Think about any feedback you got from the consultations yesterday and how/if you'll include that in your planning.


Before Friday, please add some thoughts to the class blog. This is the last of the 6 entries you've been asked to make this term.
Remember that before the last week of the term, you should collect and review all your entries and write a summary statement about them. The collection and summary are due before 05.17.13. For this part of the "blog" assignment, you can upload your work to the homework drop box on the class Stellar site. The details and expectations can be found here.