2005 ICSB Conference

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Conference Website

Conference Program


  1. NCI Integrative Cancer Biology Program (Radivoyevitch),
  2. SBML (Hucka),
  3. Yeast Systems Biology (Hohmann),
  4. European Systems Biology (Arisi),
  5. Prokaryote Systems Biology (Wanner),
  6. Receptor Tyrosine Kinases (Hatakeyama),
  7. Gene Network Models (di Bernardo),
  8. Vertically Integrated Systems Biology (Nagl).

Tutorials (some still open):

  1. Systems Biology Workbench (Sauro),
  2. Copasi (Kummer),
  3. Systems Biology Toolbox for MATLAB (Schmidt),
  4. GenePattern (Reich),
  5. Stochastic Gene Expression (van Oudenaarden),
  6. Graphical Probabilistic Models (Friedman),
  7. Motif Discovery (Fraenkel/MacIsaac),
  8. Jacobian (Ko/Numerica).

Going (where "going" implies presenting a poster)

Interested in going (where "going" implies skipping class)

NOT interested in going

No response

  • Drew Endy
  • Jessica Harpole
  • Ania Labno
  • Samantha Sutton
  • Ilya Sytchev