20.109(S14):Journal club I (Day6)

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20.109(S14): Laboratory Fundamentals of Biological Engineering

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Please see Day 8 for paper options and presentation information.

For next time

  1. Revise – both by editing old material and adding new material – the "Preparatory phase of experiment slide" that you began in the M1D4 FNT (#2). Be sure to incorporate changes based on the comments you receive from both your writing and technical instructors. We will have comments ready at least one day in advance, and you may submit the assignment up to 24 hours late with no penalty. However, you must find a way to get a hardcopy to your instructor.
  2. Recall that either your D4, D5, or D7 notebook will be due by 5 pm at the end of Day 7. You should email the requested note directly to Chris to provide him with a time-stamp.
  3. Those of you who presented in the Day 6 journal club should complete you first reflection (instructions here).
  4. Begin reading the Day 7 sequencing analysis instructions, so you are better prepared to finish these by the end of the lab day.

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