20.109(S07): Testing redesigned genomes

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20.109: Laboratory Fundamentals of Biological Engineering

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Part 1: SDS-PAGE

Part 2: Phage precipitation

Part 3: Research proposal

Start by rereading the 20.109 guidelines for your research proposal. Then together you and your partner should discuss and evaluate the topics you’ve gathered. By the end of today’s lab you should have settled on a general topic or two so you can begin the next step in your proposal writing, namely background reading and critical thinking about the topic.

Part 4: Titering phage

For Next Time

  1. Become an expert on the topic you and your partner have chosen for your research proposal. This will mean searching the literature, talking with people, generating some ideas and critically evaluating them. Use your OWW user page to keep track of your efforts. For next time, print out your wiki page specifying your topic, your research goal and at least five helpful references that you’ve read and summarized.