20.109(F08): Mod 3 Day 3 Journal Club II

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20.109(F08): Laboratory Fundamentals of Biological Engineering


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The list of papers below is provided as a guideline for the types of papers that might be relevant for your presentation. You are not limited to the following list of primary research articles. The list is provided simply to give you an idea of the kinds of subjects that could make suitable presentations for the class. Search pubmed yourself to find articles of interest to you. Once you have decided on a paper for your presentation, please email it to nkuldell or astachow AT mit DOT edu, and also "reserve" it by putting your (initials/lab section/team color) next to the listing here. As you prepare your talk be sure to follow the specific guidelines for oral presentations in this class.

Journal club will be held in 16-336 from 1-5 PM on Thursday Nov 13th/Friday Nov 14th.

Sample Papers: to choose from or to motivate further literature searching

DNA-templated Material Synthesis and Electrochromic Devices

  • Brimblecombe R, Swiegers GF, Dismukes GC, Spiccia L. "Sustained Water Oxidation Photocatalysis by a Bioinspired Manganese Cluster" Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 2008 Aug 1. PMID: 18677726
  • Nam KT et al. "Stamped microbattery electrodes based on self-assembled M13 viruses." Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. (2008)PMID: 18753629
  • Yin P et al. "Programming DNA tube circumferences." Science. (2008)321(5890):824-6.PMID: 18687961 TR/TR/Blue
  • Yagi M et al. "Self-assembly of active IrO2 colloid catalyst on an ITO electrode for efficient electrochemical water oxidation." J Phys Chem B. (2005) 109(46):21489-91.PMID: 16853788
  • Glawe DD et al. "Polypeptide-mediated silica growth on indium tin oxide surfaces." Langmuir (2005) 21(2):717-20.PMID: 15641845 KL/TR/Pink JCH/WF Pink
  • Naik RR et al. "Biomimetic synthesis and patterning of silver nanoparticles." Nat Mater. (2002) 1(3):169-72. PMID: 12618805 AS/WF/Purple
  • Letsinger RL et al. "DNA-templated formation and luminescence of diphenylacetylene dimeric and trimeric complexes." Photochem Photobiol Sci. (2008) 7(7):854-9. PMID: 18597034
  • Li H et al. "DNA-templated self-assembly of protein and nanoparticle linear arrays." J Am Chem Soc. (2004) 126(2):418-9.PMID: 14719910 AL/WF/Yellow
  • Jaganathan H et al. "Circular Dichroism Study of the Mechanism of Formation of DNA Templated Nanowires." Chemphyschem. (2008) Sep 26. PMID: 18821549 Kateryna/TR/Purple
  • Kinsella JM, Ivanisevic A."DNA-templated magnetic nanowires with different compositions: fabrication and analysis." Langmuir. (2007) 23(7):3886-90 PMID: 17316030
  • Beaujuge PM et al. "The donor-acceptor approach allows a black-to-transmissive switching polymeric electrochrome." Nat Mater. (2008) 7(10):795-9.PMID: 18758455

Phage Display and Selection of Bioactive Molecules

  • Kobayashi N et al. "An anti-estradiol-17beta single-chain Fv fragment: Generation, characterization, gene randomization, and optimized phage display." Steroids. (2008) Sep 9. PMID: 18824188
  • Kwong KY et al. "Generation, Affinity Maturation, and Characterization of a Human Anti-Human NKG2D Monoclonal Antibody with Dual Antagonistic and Agonistic Activity." J Mol Biol. (2008) Sep 16. PMID: 18809410
  • Yajima W et al. "Detection of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum Using a Monomeric and Dimeric Single-Chain Fragment Variable (scFv) Antibody." J Agric Food Chem. 2008 Sep 19. PMID: 18800799 BM - T/R - Pink
  • Chung WY et al. "Phage-display derived single-chain fragment variable (scFv) antibodies recognizing conformational epitopes of Escherichia coli heat-labile enterotoxin B-subunit." J Immunol Methods. (2008) Sep 9. PMID: 18786540
  • Zhang H et al. "Metastatic cell detection using phage-peptide modified light addressable potentiometric sensor." Biotechnol Appl Biochem. (2008) Sep 4. PMID: 18771419 TC - T/R - Yellow
  • Fagerlund A et al. "Construction and characterization of a 9-mer phage display pVIII-library with regulated peptide density." Appl Microbiol Biotechnol. (2008) 80(5):925-36.PMID: 18716770
  • Fernando H et al. "Selective recognition of a DNA G-quadruplex by an engineered antibody." Biochemistry. (2008) Sep 9;47(36):9365-71.PMID: 18702511 CJC - W/F - Pink SL/TR/Blue
  • Kang SK et al. "Identification of a peptide sequence that improves transport of macromolecules across the intestinal mucosal barrier targeting goblet cells." J Biotechnol. (2008) 135(2):210-6. PMID: 18440083 SXL -W/F - Pink CS - T/R - Yellow