20.109(F08):DNA engineering powerpoint pitch guidelines

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20.109(F08): Laboratory Fundamentals of Biological Engineering


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Schedule for Module 1 "P3"

Due: October 7th or 8th, 2008

  • This assignment is due by 11:00 a.m. on the day you have lab. Please turn in your "P3" electronically by emailing it to bevin, nlerner, myapoe, nkuldell and astachow AT mit DOT edu. It is important that you name your files according to this convention: Firstinitial_Lastname_LabSection_P3.ppt, for example: S_Hockfield_TR_P3.ppt
  • This assignment is submitted as a powerpoint file but you will _not_ have the opportunity to present the slides orally. The deck of slides will have to be as self-explanatory as possible.
  • There will be no rewrites for this assignment, though you will receive feedback on the quality of your work.

Guidelines for Module 1 "P3"

P3 is short for "Powerpoint Pitch." Take the data you've collected at the end of the DNA engineering module and craft it into a persuasive presentation that you might offer to the scientific advisory board of a company or to a funding agency when research priorities are being assessed. In no more than 10 slides convey:

  • What assay are you developing
  • Why the board or funding agency should care
  • What data you have so far
  • How robust your data appears (include performance of any controls as well as any relevant statistics here!)
  • What the weaknesses of your approach are
  • Why this approach might be taken over others (this requires you identify competing technologies)
  • What further applications you envision for your assay

Please remember that your powerpoint pitch must present a persuasive argument--that means balancing images and text on each slide so they are easy to understand, anticipating the questions your audience will have and addressing them in a timely and convincing way, and of course putting forth your scientific ideas and data in the best light possible without hiding from or dismissing real pitfalls or alternatives.

Good luck and have fun!