20.109(F07):Module 1:RefactorM13

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20.109(F07): Laboratory Fundamentals of Biological Engineering

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All parts are specified at the Registry of Standard Biological Parts. Refine the parts there as well as here, adding your comments to the area below the table.

genetic element promoter RBS coding
start synthesis with
gII BBa_M13102
(need 5' UTR?)
BBa_M13502 BBa_M13002'
(modified to remove gene 10 promoter)
gX BBa_M13110
(need 5' UTR?)
BBa_M13510 BBa_M13010'
(modified to remove gene 5 promoter)
gV BBa_M13105
(need 5' UTR?)
BBa_M13505 BBa_M13005
gVII BBa_M13507 BBa_M13007'
(modified to remove overlap with gene 9 dwnstm)
gIX BBa_M13509 BBa_M13009'
(modified to remove overlap with gene 8 dwnstm)
gVIII BBa_M13108
(need 5' UTR?)
BBa_M13508 BBa_M13008
Transcriptional terminator (if M13K07 part, then need to modify to remove gene 3 promoter)
gIII BBa_M13103 BBa_M13503 BBa_M13003'
(modified to remove gene 6 promoter, change GTG start?)
gVI BBa_M13106 BBa_M13506 BBa_M13006'
(modified to remove gene 1 promoter)
gI BBa_M13101 BBa_M13501 BBa_M13001'
(modified to remove gene 11 RBS, gene 4 promoter, RBS, start)
gXI BBa_M13511 BBa_M13011'
(modified to remove gene 4 promoter, RBS, start)
gIV BBa_M13104
(need 5' UTR?)
BBa_M13504 BBa_M13004'
M13K07 ori/KanR/p15a ori
end synthesis

Note: modified parts codon varied to remove direct repeats.