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Research Interests

The major research interests in our laboratory are to (1) understand biological mechanism by which immune cell trafficking contributes to the pathogenesis of chronic inflammatory diseases, (2) apply micro/nano-engineered biomaterials to precisely tune inflammatory environmental cues, and (3) thereby develop clinically feasible therapeutics to promote the resolution of non-healing chronic wounds. Our laboratory utilizes and combines interdisciplinary approaches of immuno-biology, stem cell biology, cellular and tissue engineering, and nano-bioengineering.

Current Research Projects

  1. Macrophage polarization on therapeutic potential of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs).
  2. Targeted magnetic nanoparticle thermotherapy for the resolution of biofilm infection in diabetic wounds.
  3. Magnetically responsive injectable microgels for stem cell and tissue engineering.
  4. Nanoengineered biomaterial scaffold for immunomodulation.

Research Collaborators

  • Prof. Chris Malcuit (Kent State)
  • Prof. Chanjoong Kim (Liquid Crystal Institute, Kent State)
  • Prof. Fayez Safadi (NEOMED)
  • Prof. Sonping Huang (Kent State)
  • Joseph Nayfach (Qteris, Inc.)

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