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Min-Ho Kim, Ph.D.,Principal Investigator

Assistant professor, Dept. of Biological Sciences, Kent State University

Email: mkim15@kent.edu / Phone: 330-672-1445

Prof. Kim's department profile

  • Postdoc training, Biomedical Engineering,University of California at Davis, CA
  • Ph.D, Bioengineering, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA

Bing Yu, MD. Ph.D.,Research Associate

Dr. Bing Yu joined lab in May 2013. He received postdoctoral training at the department of Orthopedic Surgery at Johns Hopkins University (2009-2013). He is currently working in the collaborative project with Dr. Malcuit and Dr. Safadi and His current research is focused on understanding molecular and cellular mechanism by which macrophage polarization influences therapeutic potential of mesenchymal stem cell.

Murthi Kandanapitiye,Ph.D.,Popstdoc Researcher

Dr. Kandanapitiye joined lab in July 2015. He received Ph.D degree at the department of Chemistry at Kent State University. His current research is focused on applying nanoparticle-based approaches for targeting bacterial biofilms.

Graduate students

  • Talib Alboslemy, Ph.D Student, Talib joined our laboratory in November 2013. He is pursuing Ph.D degree in School of Biomedical Sciences at Kent State.
  • Layala Almutai, Ph.D Student, Layala joined our laboratory in March 2015. She is pursuing Ph.D degree in School of Biomedical Sciences at Kent State.

Undergraduate students

  • Caleb Clark, Caleb joined our laboratory in August 2015. He is senior majoring in Cellular Biology in BSCI at Kent State.
  • Michal Sittek, Michal joined our laboratory in April 2014. He is senior majoring in Pre-med track in BSCI at Kent State.


  • Baeckkyoung Sung, Postdoc Fellow, March 2013-Feb 2015, currently Research Associate at CNRS France.
  • Deborah Douglas, Undergraduate Researcher, August 2013-April 2014.
  • Steven Shaffer, Undergraduate Researcher, October 2013-May 2015, Currently Lab Researcher at West Virginia University.
  • Yanyi Zang, Undergraduate Researcher, October 2014-April 2015, Currently Ph.D student of Biomedical Engineering at Colorado State university.

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