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  • Group leader

Margarida Gama-Carvalho

  • Post-doctoral fellows

Andreia J. Amaral

Jorge Andrade

Vânia Gonçalves

Isabel Peixeiro

  • Graduate Students

Sara F. Fernandes
Ana Miguel Fernandes

  • MSc Students

Ana Matos

Samuel Casaca

Francisco Brito

  • Undergrad Students

Beatriz Quaresma
Marta Nabais

  • Former group members

Ana Luisa Gomes (MSc in Molecular Biology, FCUL)
(presently research assistant @ the Hansen group, Biotech Research and Inovation Center, University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

Mariana Oliveira (MSc in Biochemistry, FCUL)
(presently graduate student @ the Institute of Molecular Medicine, UL)

Ana Isabel Pinheiro (MSc in Cell Biology & Biotech, FCUL)

(presently student in Science Communication)
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