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Team members


Figure: part of the team with DNA models

  • Team members:

Xenia Arngold, Kenny Ebel, Stefan Grabiger, Norman Hein, Mario Köhler, Christopher Kreßler, Maria Kunert, Sascha Lehnort, Barbara Mlynarczyk, Tobias Priemel, Laura Rose, Tom Scheidt, Rico Schieweck, Katharina Tomschek, Kerstin Wöltje


Planning and realization of the project was work by students participating in the competition. Note that the team also participates in iGEM and uses the rAAV technology for other purposes in iGEM. Oligonucleotides for the triangular DNA Origami were provided by Daniel Hautzinger.

We are very grateful to our supervisors Prof. Dr. Katja M. Arndt and Dr. Kristian M. Müller for their support, help, advice and the possibility to realize our project.

We thank Prof. Dr. Svetlana Santer and Dr. Alexey Kopyshev for the introduction and use of the AFM.

We are very thankful for the helpful technical hints from the Ph.D. students: Daniel, Tim, Tobias, Stefan and Sven.

Help for lab maintenance (e.g. glassware, waste) was gratefully accepted from Franzi.
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