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Zandstra Lab | Stem Cell Bioengineering

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Stem cells have generated much excitement as a potential source of cells for cellbased therapeutics because of their ability to self-renew (divide while maintaining stem cell properties) and differentiate into functional cells (such as blood or heart cells). Consequently, stem cells may serve as a renewable source of cells for regenerative medicine. Despite this enormous potential, significant challenges remain in order to translate the demonstrated biological properties of stem cells into robust and efficacious therapies. Fundamentally, a strategy to control and predict stem cell responses to changes in molecular, cellular and microenvironmental conditions is required. The vision of the Stem Cell Bioengineering Laboratory is to develop a mechanism-based platform for stem cell bioprocess development. By utilizing engineering-based approaches such as modeling, molecular engineering and bioreactor design, the goal of our research is enable stem cell based therapies and technologies and thus positively impact upon health and welfare.

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