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Solution recipe for 1L 10x Tris-Buffered Saline. Dilute to 1x for use.
1. Measure 700mL millipore water into a 2L plastic beaker. 10x
2. Weigh and add 87.7g NaCl 1.5M NaCl
3. Add 100mL 1M TRIS-HCl pH 7.5 100mM TRIS pH 7.5
4. Stir until dissolved
5. Bring volume to 1L with millipore water in a graduated cylinder
6. Dilute to 1x (1:10) for use
Solution recipe for 1L Tris-Buffered Saline / Tween-Triton
1. Make 1L of 1x TBS by diluting 10x stock with millipore H2O
2. Add 2.5mL TWEEN-20 0.25% TWEEN
3. Add 10mL Triton-X 1% Triton-X
Vary detergents by intended application