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Solution recipe for 100mL SOC
1. Measure 50mL millipore water into a 200mL beaker.
2. Weigh 2g Tryptone and add it to the mixture 2% (w/v) Tryptone
5. Weigh 0.5g yeast extract and add it to the mixture 0.5% (w/v) Yeast Extract
4. Pipette 200μL of 5M NaCl into the mixture 10mM NaCl
5. Pipette 83μL of 3M KCl into the mixture 2.5mM KCl
6. Pipette 1mL of 1M MgCl2 into the mixture 10mM MgCl2
7. Weigh 0.12g anhydrous MgSO4 and add it to the mixture 10mM MgSO4
8. Weigh 0.36g dextrose and add it to the mixture 20mM dextrose
9. Bring to 100mL with millipore water