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Solution recipe for 500mL Calmodulin Elution Buffer.
1. Measure 12.5mL of 1M Tris pH 8.0 into 100mL millipore H2O in a 500mL beaker 25mM Tris-HCl
2. Add 15mL of 5M NaCl 150mM NaCl
3. Add 500 μL of 1M Magnesium Acetate 1mM MgOAc
4. Add 500 μL of 1M Imidazole 1mM Imidazole
5. Add 1 mL 10% NP-40 0.02% NP-40
6. Add 100mL of 100mM EGTA 10mM EGTA
7. Bring volume to 500mL with millipore H2O in a graduated cylinder Volume to 500mL
8. Complete immediately prior to use with 0.696 μL β-mercaptoethanol per 1 mL CEB 10mM β-mercaptoethanol
9. Keep completed CEB on ice at all times