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YPD Medium (aka YEPD). Standard growth medium for yeast.


  • 10 g yeast extract
  • 20 g peptone
  • If making plates add 20 g agar
  • 2% (w/v) glucose (20 g)


  1. Mix dry ingredients (except glucose) and add distilled water up to 950 mL
  2. Pour into 2 L flask (or greater)
  3. Autoclave (liquid cycle)
    • 250° F, 22 psi, 30 minutes
  4. Add 50 mL 40% glucose

Notes: We do not pH medium when we make it on the fly. However, if it is really important, pH the medium to 7.0 with 5M NaOH (~200µL). We usually obtain this from the kitchen.


Adapted From:

F. Ausubel et al., Short Protocols in Molecular Biology (John Wiley & Sons, ed. 4, 1999) pg. 13-3