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Selected Journal Publications

  1. On Validation of the Sharp-Wheeler Bubble Model from Experimental and Computational Data, J. Glimm and X. L. Li, Phys. Fluids 31, pp. 2077-2085 1988.
  2. A Numerical Study of Bubble Interaction in Rayleigh-Taylor Instability for Compressible Fluids, J. Glimm, X. L. Li, Q. Zhang, R. Menikoff and D. Sharp, Phys. Fluids A 2 (11), pp. 2046-2054, 1990.
  3. Study of Three Dimensional Rayleigh-Taylor Instability in Compressible Fluids through Level Set Method and Parallel Computation, X. L. Li, Phys. Fluids A 5 (8), pp. 1904-1913, 1993.
  4. A Numerical Study of 3-D Bubble Merger in the Rayleigh-Taylor Instability, X. L. Li, Phys. Fluids, 8, 2, pp. 322-335, 1996.
  5. Numerical Study for the Three Dimensional Rayleigh-Taylor Instability through the TVD/AC Scheme and Parallel Computation, X. L. Li, B. X. Jin, and J. Glimm, J. Comp. Phys, 126, pp. 343-355, 1996.
  6. A Comparative Numerical Study of the Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability with Nonlinear Analysis in Two and Three Dimensions, X. L. Li and Q. Zhang, Phys. Fluids 9 (10), pp. 2719-2727, 1997.
  7. Three Dimensional Front Tracking, J. Glimm, J. Grove, X. L. Li, K. Shyue, Y. Zeng, and Q. Zhang, SIAM J. Sci. Comp., (19), pp. 703-727, 1998.
  8. Front Tracking in Two and Three Dimensions, J. Glimm, M. J. Graham, J. Grove, X. L. Li, T. M. Smith, D. Tan, F. Tangerman, Q. Zhang, J. Comp. Math. (7), pp. 1-12, 1998.
  9. Robust Computational Algorithms for Dynamic Interface Tracking in Three Dimensions, J. Glimm, J. Grove, X. L. Li and D. C. Tan, SIAM Journal of Sci. Comp., 21, 6, pp.2240-2256, 2000.
  10. Simple Front Tracking, J. Glimm, J. Grove, X. L. Li and N. Zhao, Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations, Comtemprary Mathematics, Edited by G.-Q. Chen and E. DiBenedetto, American Mathematical Society, 238, pp. 133-150, 1999.
  11. Simulation of 3D Fluid Jets with Application to the Muon Collider Target Design, J. Glimm, H. Kirk, X. L. Li, J. Pinezich, Edited M. Rahman, C.A. Brebbia, WIT Press, Southampton, Boston, pp. 191-200, 2000.
  12. A Critical Analysis of Rayleigh-Taylor Growth Rates, J. Glimm, J. Grove, X. L. Li, W. Oh and D. Sharp, Journal of Comp. Phys., 169, 2000.
  13. Subgrid Models and DNS Studies of Fluid Mixing, B. Cheng , J. Glimm, X. L. Li and D. H. Sharp, Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on the Physics of Compressible Turbulent Mixing, (1999), accepted.
  14. Conservative Front Tracking , J. Glimm, X.-L. Li, and Y.-J. Liu, submitted to SIAM J Num. Ana., 2000.
  15. High Resolution Numerical Methods for Multiphase Flows, J. W. Grove, J. Glimm, and X. L. Li, Modelisation Numerique des Couplages Thermiques, Mecaniques et Chimiques dan les Ecoulements Industriels, Institut Universitaire des Systems Thermiques Industriels, Universite Marseille, 2000, LANL Report LA-UR-00-2639.