Winning Lab Report Criteria

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Here is a recipe for a winning module 3 report:

  • Microscope documentation
    • Microscope block diagram
      • All optical elements and distances
      • It is not necessary to document mechanical construction details
      • A picture of the microscope is nice
  • Characterization
    • Table of values for 10x, 40x, and 100x objectives, including
      • Theoretical magnification
      • Measured magnificaiton
      • Theoretical resolution
      • Field of view (diagonal)
    • Bright field images
      • Air Force Target, Ronchi Ruling, 4 micron latex spheres
      • 10/40/100x objectives
  • Fluorescence microscopy
    • Image of fluorescence calibration slide (for flat field correction)
    • Optional: flat field corrected image of 1 micron spheres
    • Combined onion image
      • Bright field onion image with flat field corrected, fluorescent image (color) overlayed
      • Bullet point overview of processing algorithm used to produce image
    • PSF
      • PSF image (.190 micron beads) – preferably zoomed in to a few particles
      • Estimated ½ intensity width of beads
        • Was it the same in both directions?