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Open positions


Postdoctoral Position in Computational Biology/Bacterial Systems Biology

The Wilke Lab at UT Austin has an open position for a postdoc in computational systems biology. This position is part of an ARO-funded project to investigate how bacterial growth conditions shape bacterial physiology. A successful candidate will use statistical approaches and/or mechanistic models of gene-regulation and metabolism to link bacterial growth conditions with measures of cellular physiology such as RNA and protein abundances. The overarching project goals are to develop new approaches for predicting bacterial growth conditions from the observed phenotype.

This position is entirely computational. However, the project provides ample opportunity to interact with experimental groups who are collecting high-throughput data sets (RNA abundances, protein abundances, lipid abundances, metabolic fluxes) for bacteria grown under a variety of different conditions. Individuals with a background in computational biology, systems biology, statistics, theoretical physics, or computer science are encouraged to apply. Applicants with knowledge of R and/or python and with experience in high-performance computing environments are preferred.

To apply, please submit a current cv, list of individuals who can serve as references, and a brief (~1 page) description of research interests. All materials should be sent via email to wilke _at_ austin.utexas.edu. Applications will be reviewed until the position is filled.

Graduate students

Prospective graduate students should contact Claus, but will have to apply through the regular process at UT, either with the Ecology, Evolution, & Behavior Graduate Program or with the Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Program.


There are currently no payed positions, but undergraduate students are welcome to work as volunteers or for course credit. Please contact Claus.