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Protein orthologues

For simple orthologue retrieval in vertebrates use Ensembl. Each gene has there a list of best reciprocal hits in other species.

Review paper: PLOS One 2007

For clustering multiple sequences:

  • Inparanoid
  • OrthoMCL TribeMCL
  • CD-HIT fast clustering of proteins and i.e. ESTs.
  • FlowerPower protein homology clustering algorithm, similar to PSI-BLAST in its iterated approach to alignment, profile construction, and homolog identification, but with distinct differences.

Orthologues retrival


  • Metazome organizes the proteomes of twenty-four metazoans into gene families defined at nine ancestral nodes on the metazoan evolutionary tree. Shows synthenty.
  • MCScanX is an algorithm to scan multiple genomes or subgenomes to identify putative homologous chromosomal regions, then align these regions using genes as anchors.


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