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See also Wikiomics:Bioinfo_tutorial#Protein_Alignment

Multiple sequence alignment is widely used in the sequence analysis. It is more reliable, and hosts more information than derived from BLAST multiple pairwise alignment. The MSA allows for identification of common regions between proteins (including motifs), finding conserved residues and analysis of evolutionary relationships between sequences.

Software producing the multiple sequence alignment

  • Clustal [1]
  • T-Coffee
  • Probcons [2]
  • Muscle [3]
  • MAFFT [4]
  • Kalign [5]
  • PCMA [6]
  • TBA
  • MultiSeq [7]

Analysis of conservation in the multiple sequence alignment

  • AL2CO

Databases of multiple sequence alignments

  • PFAM
  • InterPro
  • CDD


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