Wikiomics:Meta:Citing This Wiki

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The guidelines for citing some material from the wiki are now slightly different from Wikipedia's policy. Here is what you want to cite, in order to guarantee a fair attribution of the works and guarantee the contents of what you are referring to:

  • Authors:
    • the name of the major contributors, if listed explicitely in the article, are given first; they should generally be followed by "Wikiomics authors" to account for anonymous or smaller contributions, e.g. AuthorX, AuthorY, AuthorZ and Wikiomics authors,
    • or just Wikiomics authors if there is no dedicated Credits section at the bottom of the article
  • Title: the title of the article
  • Date: the date of the revision that you are citing
  • Publisher: Wikiomics
  • Reference: the URL of the article, preferrably a frozen version taken from the history of the article since you don't want to cite an ever changing document: click on the "history" tab, then click on the date of the latest version and copy its URL. For example, the first revision of the present page is here