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Here we give a list to web sites that provide up-to-date lists of links to bioinformatics resources.

If you are writing an article in Wikiomics, you might want to check these links quickly just in case you forgot something obvious.

  • Expasy provides a collection of links to bioinformatic tools which are normally up-to-date and useful for everyday bioinformatics.
  • The Links Directory at UBC is a series of curated Bioinformatics Links which features connections to molecular resources, tools and bioinformatics databases.
  • MetaDB: A Metadatabase for the Biological Sciences is a sorted, searchable collection of over 1200 biological databases. Most entries in the metadatabase include a relevant peer-reviewed abstract or excerpt along with a link to the abstract or full text article.
  • is the most comprehensive list of biological pathway databases on the net.
  • Bioinformatics Page contains useful links to specific bioinformatic resources and/or pathway visualisation tools.
  • The ReNaBi portal, French Bioinformatics platforms network, provides a central access to the french bioinformatics platforms resources, such as software, databases, courses and tutorials...
  • The Scriptome, Protocols for Manipulating Biological Data. Collection of tools that filter, format, and merge data in tabular or common biological formats.