Wikiomics:Alignment visualization and plotting RNA structures

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RNA Alignment visualization

  • 4SALE A tool for Synchronous RNA Sequence and Secondary Structure Alignment and Editing.
  • ConStruct Multipurpose tool for alignment editing, secondary structure prediction and visualizing RNA alignments (new version).
  • RALEE RNA ALignment Editor in Emacs.

Plotting RNA structures

  • loopDloop a tool for drawing RNA secondary structures in molecular biology.
  • jViz.Rna a Java application for visualizing and annotating RNA Secondary Structures
  • NAVIEW A group of programs and scripts that produce plots of RNA secondary structures. (Link Broken)
  • PseudoViewer Automatically visualizing RNA pseudoknot structures as planar graphs. Needs Windows .NET Framework for "in web" use, else exe is available.
  • RNAdraw an integrated program for RNA secondary structure calculation and analysis under 32-bit Microsoft Windows
  • RNAfamily A simple software tool that enables the display of all secondary structures for a family of RNA molecules. Uses a linear backbone representation.
  • RNAmovies a system for the visualization of RNA secondary structure spaces.
  • RNAplot Draw RNA Secondary Structures. Available formats are: PostScript (ps), Graph Meta Language (gml), Scalage Vector Graphics (svg), and XRNA save file (xrna).
  • RNAView/RnamlView generates 2-dimensional displays of RNA/DNA secondary structures with tertiary interactions.
  • RnaViz A user-friendly, portable, GUI program for producing publication-quality secondary structure drawings of RNA molecules.
  • SStructView a Java applet for viewing RNA secondary structures and linking to multiple computational backends.
  • StructureLab An integrated graphical software tool for predicting, plotting and analyzing RNA secondary structures.
  • VARNA A Java lightweight Applet dedicated to drawing the secondary structure of RNA. It is also a Swing component that can be very easily included in an existing Java code working with RNA secondary structure to provide a fast and interactive visualization.
  • XRNA a Java based suite of tools for the creation, annotation and display of RNA secondary structure diagrams.