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Principal Investigator

Wei He
PhD, University of Connecticut
BS, Tianjin University

Graduate Students

Toby Tang.JPG
Shuangcheng (Toby) Tang (Materials Science & Engineering)
BS, Beijing University of Chemical Technology
MS, Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Lu Huang UTK2012.JPG
Lu Huang (Materials Science & Engineering)
BS, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
PhD, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Emily 2012.JPG
Emily Morin (Biomedical Engineering)
BS, University of Tennessee

Larissa Capeletti.tif
Larissa Capeletti
Visiting Scholar
PhD Candidate, Ferderal University of Rio Grande do Sul – UFRGS - Brazil

Undergraduate Students

Joe Daniels-Mulholland (Biomedical Engineering, senior)
Katie Rogers (Biomedical Engineering, sophomore)
Sam Goddard (Biomedical Engineering, senior)

High School Students and Teachers

Rachel Kwon (Farragut High School, senior)
Bhavya Paranthaman (Farragut High School, senior)
Debbie Fraser (Farragut High School, Chemistry Teacher)

Group Picture

Group Summer2012 1.JPG
Left to right (front): Matt, Emily, Toby
Left to right (back): Chelsea, Lu, Hannah, Sam (Summer 2012)

Group Summer2011.JPG
Left to right (front): Emily, Matt, Tom
Left to right (back): Wei, Toby, Erica, Sam (Summer 2011)

Wei He Group Fall09.JPG
Left to right: Jon, Kaan, Matt, Chori, Wei (Fall 2009)

Group Fall08.JPG
Left to right: Wei, Chori, Matt, Erik, Jon, Kevin (Fall 2008)

Lab Alumni

Graduate students
Yu Cao (PhD 2012)
Kaan Serpersu (MS 2012)
Jonathan Page (MS 2010)
Zheng Cao (MS 2010)
Kevin Rhodes (MS 2008)
Sharath Sriman (MS 2008)

Undergraduate students
Stephanie Bailey (Chemical Engineering, senior)
Ben Wing (BS 2013)
Lance Garret (REU student, Summer 2013)
Chelsea Wilhoit
Tom Gilmartin (BS 2012)
Emmabeth Parrish (BS 2012)
Emily Morin (BS 2012)
Erica Hawkins (BS 2012)
Laura Poland (BS 2012)
Saranya Sathananthan (BS 2010)
Brittany Caldwell (BS 2010)
Max Trent (BS 2010)
Erik Bowman (BS 2009)
Zane Hartsell (BS 2008)

High school students
Hannah Morris (summer 2012)
Neil Butler (fall 2010)
Vicki Zhou (summer 2010)