Week 7 Individual Journal Assignment

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10 Biological Term Definitions

1. Gene expression- The process by which the inheritable information in a gene, such as the DNA sequence, is made into a functional gene product, such as protein or RNA.


2. Morphogenesis- Differentiation of cells and tissues in the early embryo which resultsin establishing the form and structure of the various organs and parts of the body.


3. Hexokinase- Any group of enzymes that accelerate the phosphorylation of hexoses (as in the formation of glucose-6-phosphate from glucose and ATP) in carbohydrate metabolism.


4. Directed acyclic graph- A directed graph with no path that starts and ends at the same vertex.


5. Ontology- A branch of metaphysics concerned with the nature and relations of being.


6. Spliceosome- A ribonucleoprotein complex that is the site in the cell nucleus where introns are excised from precursor messenger RNA and exons are joined together to form functional messenger RNA.


7. Mitotic cell cycle- A mitotic cell cycle is one which canonically comprises four successive phases and includes replication of the genome and the subsequent segregation of chromosomes into daughter cells.


8. Protein biosynthesis- The process in which cells build proteins.


9. TGFβ signaling- the prototype of a large family of secreted peptide growth factors in metazoans.


10. Glycolysis- the catabolism of carbohydrates, as glucose and glycogen, by enzymes, with the release of energy and the production of lactic or pyruvic acid.