Week 1 Assignment

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1. When I hear about computer science, I think of it as the body of knowledge as to how computers function and are utilized. 2. When my older friends hear about computer science, they seem to be unfamiliar with the discipline. 3. When my younger friends hear about computer science, I think they have a better grasp on the coding and computer functions than I do.

1. Biology is the study of life. 2. I consider myself a biologist in the sense that I conduct research that has to do with biology. Whether I am a good biologist is another debate.

1.The purpose of these readings is to enlighten the reader as to what computer science and biology actually entail. 2. The biologist’s voice appeals to me the most as it is the most relatable. 3. Computer science can be related to bodybuilding in a sense that it takes a surprisingly large amount time and effort in researching optimal and effective solutions in working out. 4.The Janovy readings reflected a different time of our society which perceived biology in a much different light. 5.