WangLab:Integrin Antibodies

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Integrin Antibodies

  • Wow-1, binds to high affinity unoccupied integrins avb3, detecting affinity increase
  • LIBS-6,binds to occupied b3 and stablize it, therefore activate it, with high concentration 15ug/ml
  • HUTS-21 , binds to occupied u1 and stablize it, activate
  • EDTA, specifically block binding to avb3.
  • 16G3, block unoccupied FN sites (avb3, a5b1)
  • 3B8, block unoccupied FN sites (a5b1)
  • 11E5, non-blocking control for 16G3, 3B8
  • 661, blocking binding sites on Vitronectin for avb3
  • 443, non-blocking control for 661.
  • MnCl2, activates all the integrins (0.5mM).