WangLab:Coat Beads with Fibronectin

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Coat Beads with Fibronectin.

  1. Take out beads solution 500ul of 10% beads (10 um), or 2 ml of 2.5% beads.
  2. Centrifuge to collect the beads and vacuum the supernatant. (6000 rpm,3-5 min)
  3. Wash 3 times with cold PBS (1 ml).
  4. Incubate with 50 ug/ml Fibronectin (or Fibrinogen)or 50 ug/ml goat IgG-RGD, 100 ug/ml concanavalin A, 100 ug/ml polylysine, 50 ug/ml antibodies, for 5X107 beads in cold PBS in 4C for O/N.
  5. Centrifuge and collect the beads.
  6. Incubate with cold 10 mg/ml BSA (1ml) in 4C for 3hr.
  7. Wash 3 times with cold PBS (1 ml).
  8. Aliquote in 30 ul each (50 total number) and freeze in -20oC, each one should contain 2X206 beads.

Note: Steps 2-3, 4, 7-8 all should be kept in 4°C.