WangLab:Cell Culture Protocols

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Cell Culture Protocols

Notes About Avoiding Contamination

All the cell culture should be performed in the cell culture hood. And please pay special attention to avoid contamination. Here are a few examples to follow.

  1. Clean up the cell culture hood using ethanol before and after experiment.
  2. If you are moving any bottles from outside into the cell culture hood, please be sure to wipe it up with ethanol first.
  3. Discard the pipet tip if it touches anything unsterilized in the hood, to avoid baterial growth in the cells.
  4. Only use clean pipet tip to get cell culture medium; keep it away from cell culture dish to avoid passing cells in to the medium stock.
  5. If you switch cell type, please be sure to switch to a new vacuum tip to avoid cross contamination of different cell types.


Passing Cells

Freezing Cells

Thawing Cells

Transfection (Lipofectamine 2000)