WangLab:Alignment of Microscopy

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Alignment of Microscopy

  1. Align the lights, adjust the knob in the light house to position the light in the center.
  2. Align the field.
    • switch eyepiece to O.
    • close down the field aperture.
    • Adjust the knobs to center the field in the center and enlarge it to see whether it can fulfill the field.
  3. Align the phase ring.
    • switch the eyepiece to Boucher, adjust the knob in the eyepiece until see a sharp and clear image.
    • use hand to manually adjust the phase ring until it is centered.
    • Switch the eyepiece to O again, adjust the condenser height.
    • Focus

Taking Images with time lapse video function:

  1. Turn on microscopy, slide the filter to direct the light to a correct camera, turn on controllers, monitor
  2. In the mac computer, go to scion image->special->load macros->time lapse video.txt
  3. Special->start capture->select regions of interest (alt-A for the whole image)->special->save->select numbers of frames based on calculation->select the time intervals->save