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Wallace Lab

Experiment Design

E- Prime

Things to know about E- Prime.

Codec Issues

A codec is a way of encoding a data stream (like audio or video files). There are a lot of them. Depending on the program, you may have issues with getting your video to play correctly if the codec isn't compatible. Here are a list of codecs that can be used with QuickTime:


Common Trouble Shooting

If you're having trouble with E-Prime, check on the following items as a starting point for trouble shooting.


Things to know about Presentation.


Things to know about Psychtoolbox.

Subject Recruitment

If your experiment involves running undergraduate subjects, use the SONA system.

If your experiment involves running ASD and TD children, the following list is a good resource for subject recruitment.

Paying Subjects

Subjects are typically paid with gift cards. If you are preparing to run an experiment with human subjects, contact Walter in advance to coordinate the purchase of gift cards.

Data Analyis

You have data to analyze? Lucky you. Below are some tools for data analysis.


If your experiment was run in Matlab, your data output will also likely involve Matlab as well.

You will likely need Psychtoolbox for your experiment. Psychtoolbox has an extensive wiki, and you can download it here:


You might be able to skip the instruction about downloading a subversion installer, just download DownloadPsychtoolbox.m to your desktop and follow the instructions from there.


R is a language and environment for statistics and graphics. It is available as free software here.