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The following solutions are good to have available because they are used in many recipes as standard:

Name Usual size
5M NaCl 200 ml
0.5M EDTA 100 ml

AB Media

Vol material Final concentration
200 ml 5xA 1x
400 ml 2xB 1x
10 ml 20% Glucose 0,2%
20 ml 20% Sodium-Acetate 0,4%
50 ml 10% CAA 0,5%
1 ml 10 mg/ml Thiamine 10 µg/ml
2,5 ml 10 mg/ml Uridine 25 µg/ml

Fill up to one liter with sterile H2O!
You have to choose your carbonesource between Soduim-Acetate, Glucose or Glucose and CAA.