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The plasmid collection consists of all plasmids which are constructed in the group or that we get from somewhere. All plasmids are stored in freezer I in the Waldminghaus lab (min. 100 ng and min. 10µl). The plasmid collection works as a reference library and not for daily use of your favourite plasmid. It should only contain one version of each plasmid (not clone number 1-13 of some insert cloning).


All names of plasmids constructed in the Waldminghaus lab consist of pMA (for plasmid from MArburg) and a number. When you start in the lab you get a number-range (1-81, 82-162, 163-243, 244-324, 325-405, 406-486,...) to use before you get the next if needed. Label the box accordingly (Box1: pMA1-81, Box2: pMA82-162, ...)on the top and the sides.

Here are the current pMA-numbers for the lab members:

pMA1-81 Daniel

pMA82-162 Sonja

pMA163-243 Nadine

pMA244-324 Sarah

pMA325-405 Daniel

pMA406-486 Franzi

pMA487-567 Daniel

Plasmids that we did not construct but get from somewhere are put in Box100, ... and details described in the plasmid list.

Each tube that is put into the collection needs the following information on the tube:

On the cap:

  • Name - pMA1, pMA804, puc57,...

On the side:

  • Name - as above
  • Antibiotic resistence - For example amp, kan, cam, tet,...
  • Concentration - in ng/µl

Plasmid list

As much information as possible should be stored in the plasmid-list which can be found in the transfer folder on the SYNMIKRO-server. The information that needs to be provided for all plasmids is how they were constructed including which primers (naming accoring to names and numbers in primer list) where used with which template and which backbone was used and what restriction enzymes. The list and the collection should always be consistent and updated! Please also keep a version of the plasmid list in your private folder.


For all pMA plasmids and if possible for all other plasmid a SnapGene file should be stored in the transfer folder (\AG Waldminghaus\Transfer\SnapGeneDNAs). The file should be named according to the plasmid name.