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  • All DNA-oligos are ordered via Nadine.
  • When oligos arrive she assignes a number to each oligo (continuous numbering) which is written on the oligo-detail paper provided by the company. This paper is then stored in a common oligo-folder in the lab. If you like to you can copy this paper for your own documentation.
  • You should add the appropriate ammount of ddH2O to the oligos to get a concentration of 100pmol/µl (= 100µM).
  • Take out as much as you need and make your working solution (usually 10pmol/µl).
  • The rest of the oligo stock is stored in the oligo-collection (see below).


The Oligo collection consists of all oligos which are ordered in the group. All oligos are stored in freezer II in the Waldminghaus lab. The oligo collection works as a reference library and not for daily use of your favourite oligo. If you need one of the oligos take as much as you need from the stock and make your own working solution.

Each tube that is put into the collection should have its number on the tube (see above).


As much information as possible should be stored in the oligo-list which can be found in the transfer folder on the SYNMIKRO-server. The list and the collection should always be consistent and updated! Please also keep a version of the oligo-list in your private folder.