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Consumer of electricity

  1. Asked questions about electricity information that would be presented on the screen
  2. Wondered whether the survey would contain questions about herself, or would the survey be used to see how the utility can make things better
  3. Her initial thought was to agree to volunteer because she was being paid for her time for the experiment
    1. Might have answered different if she took the survey at home
    2. Would have looked at her schedule ahead of time
    3. Better if she knew how many extra questions there were

Recruitment Document

  • Had a good understanding of the text
  • Was skeptical about the questionnaire. Not sure why it was implemented, but would guess it was to see if she is a representative customer of the DC region
  • Raises questions and would help to see the questionnaire. How personal are the questions? Would it ask for more personal questions or more general questions?
  • Does not see a document that guarantees confidentiality, wants something to sign
  • Would not participate for concerns of privacy and confidentiality

Questions About You

Q672 Hours @ home

  • On average?
  • Day time only? or include time when sleeping at home?

Questions About Energy Efficiency

Q16 Avrg Household ...

  1. Anecdotal response because she has no frame of reference
  2. Same as above
  3. Same as above
    1. No clue as to how representative her household is compared to the rest of the city
    2. Didn't really think about this fact until I asked her to explain her answer, she had to stop and think about it a bit
    3. Recognized that it would be hard to gauge, and her answers are just an impression

Q577 Messages ...

  1. A message that resonates with her
  2. Not very important to her
  3. Understood that it is a geopolitical issue. Gave it a 4 and not a 5 because some schemes, such as fracking, have some serious environmental hazards she might not be aware of
  4. Deeply felt concern, but not an activist by any means

Q726 NEP

  1. Says the image of the spaceship reminds her that there is a need for cooperation, altruism, ingenuity, and creativity
    1. There might be colonization of other planets in the future
    2. Thinks the analogy is a bit extreme
  2. Does not like the idea of dominating nature. We don't know enough right now to actually dominate without causing adverse reactions.
  3. Sustainability entails limits, not safe to think growth as having no limits
  4. What she knows about balance from the past, its better to assume that the balance is easily upset

More Questions About Energy Efficiency

Q579 Tech adoption + eco purchases ...

  1. I have purchased a household appliance...
    1. Have never actually purchased a household appliance
  2. I am always eager to be the first to buy...
    1. Not enthusiastic about technology
  3. I understand the potential damage to the environment...
    1. Nothing comes to mind when thinking about clear and present hazard. Needs to be able to quantify the harm and a lot of grey area.
  4. I have switched products...
    1. Same reason as above, but is usually constrained by budgetary issues
  5. I feel that I personally have control over...
    1. Doesn't really pay enough attention to control nor is it that big of an issue. Just avoids waste
  6. When I have a choice between two equal products...
    1. Constrained by budget
  7. I only buy new products after the ones I have wear out...

Electricity Use Questions (Part I)

Q758 Trust...

  1. Your utility
    1. Duquene seems honest and willing to clarify any problems. Certain degree of mistrust of corporations & gov't entities so did not answer a lot.
    2. Reason for mistrust of corporation is that their main goal is profit
  2. Scientists
    1. Scientific findings can be replicated. The way the community is set up allows people to confirm findings. Maybe not all the individuals are trustworthy, but the community as a whole
  3. Community
    1. Not really integrated into her community, so don't know how much she can trust them
  4. Government (local and federal)
    1. Certain degree of mistrust because politics might get int he way
  5. Co-workerse
    1. Not really close to co-workers

Social Questions

  • Not sure why some of these questions were in the section, such as flu shot, public library, etc
  • Do housemates count?

Technology Questions

  • Wants daily electricity use (totals)
  • Wants to break down usage by appliance
  • Have it for a year at minimum
  • Enjoy would not be the word she would use
  • I would save...
    • Needs an objective gauge to see if she can save rather than her own subjective gauge