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Dear [Name]

Scientists at Carnegie Mellon University need your help to understand the best way to provide electricity information to DC area residents.

You have been chosen to receive a free Ceiva digital photo frame (http://www.ceiva.com). On the frame you can:

   See your home electricity use for 1 year.
   Upload and stream your own photos to the frame.

You will evaluate the frame for 1 year. At the end of the year, you can keep it if you like it or return it for a $25 gift certificate. We will send you four short surveys (one every 3 months) over the year asking how useful you find the frame and about your electricity use. If you choose to participate, you will receive the frame 3 weeks from now. There will be no cost to you and your information and survey responses will be confidential, as is university policy.

We would like you to complete the attached questionnaire, even if you are unsure about participating. To thank you for your help, we have included a $2 bill. You can keep this $2 whether or not you participate in the study.

To understand if this frame could benefit every resident in the DC area, it is very important that the people we choose to include in the study agree to do so. This helps us make sure that we have a representative set of participants, and is a critical part of the science we do.

If you want good, representative research to be conducted, please do participate.


If you would like to participate or to just ask questions, please do one of the following:

Call us: 1-800-111-1111 Email us: electricityframestudy@cmu.edu Return the enclosed questionnaire Return the enclosed postcard

If we don't hear from you in a week, we will give you a call. If you don't want to participate, please call us, email us, or return the postcard checking the 'no thanks' box.

Thank you,

Carnegie Mellon University Research Team