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Venture Mentoring Services conference call 2/22/08

Notes and action

Consortia interviews

Dawn suggested we conduct a series of interviews with several consortia to determine their business models

  • Identify a list of consortia to examine
    • DSpace (MIT libraries)
    • Things that Think (MIT Media Lab)
    • Digital Life (MIT Media Lab)
    • Center for Digital Business (MIT Sloan)
  • Compile a list of interview questions for consortia directors
    • What is the structure of the consortium?
    • Where does your funding come from?
    • What are your obligations to members?

Sustainability models

  • Build a list of 3 possible sustainability models each with a possible budget or budget requirements.
    • Consortium
    • Grant-funded
    • Donations + Advertising

Advisory board

  • What do we want from our board?
  • What might they expect in return for serving on our board?


Short-, Medium-, and long-term projects we hope to accomplish with OWW

    • Take some number of iGem 2008 projects from start (lab notebooks kept on OWW) to finish (publication of top 10 projects in a recognized medium)

Information sharing

Make decisions about what OWW business and financial information will be made visible to the community...

  • We already know that all information that is of a scientific nature will be made public.
  • What business information, by law, must a nonprofit make public?
  • What information should be made public on a need-to-know basis?
  • What information should not be made public (employee salaries, for example?)

Timelines and Milestones

  • What questions do we need to answer and by when?

Lorrie to take a stab at making a master schedule. (Dawn used the phrase, "Gant chart" which gave me a chill...)

Next VMS meeting on March 14.