Ventricular assist device

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A Ventricular assist device is an electromechanical pump used for assisting blood circulation. It is used to decrease the workload of a failing heart.


The are 3 types of VAD:

  • right ventricle VAD (RVAD)
  • left ventricle VAD (LVAD)
  • both ventricles VAD (BiVAD)

These main types of VAD's may either have a pulsatile or a continuous flow pump.


Following companies make VAD's:

  • Thoratec (manufactures the HeartMate II, HeartMate III, and HeartMate XVE)
  • Berlin Heart (manufactures the Incor, and Excor)
  • HeartWare (manufactures the HVAD, and MVAD)
  • ReliantHeart (manufactures the HeartAssist5)
  • WorldHeart (manufactures the Novacor)

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