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Elizabeth will be away on vacation July 25th -Aug 5th, 2011.

Dishwasher-Autoclave Flasks/Culture Tubes/Glass Cylinders

I suggest that two people be responsible for each wash cycle. There may be multiple loads to do in one day, so after one team processes one load, the next team does the next cycle.

One member processes the glassware and tubes and starts the machine. Also washes and rinses any caps, spatulas or plastic lids. The second member unloads the machine, puts away the glassware, autoclaves any culture tubes (rack and cap) and applies foil caps for glass cylinders and glass flasks up to 1 liter. Also also responsible for putting away autoclaved items.

Running the Dishwasher (pairs)

see Sterilizing Bacteriological Cultures in Test Tubes

  • Team 1:
  • Team 2:
  • Team 3:
  • Team 4:
  • Team 5:
  • Team 6:
  • Team 7:
  • Team 8:
  • Team 9:
  • Team 10:

Sterilizing Culture Plates (1)

see Sterilizing Bacteriological Plates

  • M/W/F week 1:
  • M/W/F week 2:

Smolke Lab Sterile Tips and Eppendorfs (2)

  • Tuesday 7/26:
  • Thursday 7/28:
  • Tuesday 8/2:
  • Thursday 8/4: