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Running the dishwasher

Rinsing and Loading

IMPORTANT - Keep agar out of the dishwasher. It clogs the screen and makes a mess!!!

  • Always rinse the glassware in the sink before loading. Run water to rinse down bleached cultures.
  • see Sterilizing Bacteriological Cultures in Test Tubes
  • Gently shake out excess bleach solution for 96 well culture plates before rinsing. Check the bottoms to make sure no pellets remain before washing.
  • You can use the white colander to catch pipette tips or agar when rinsing. Dump contents in the wastebasket.

First decide whether you need one or two racks.

Use the lower rack for large items including cylinders over 100ml, flasks and bottles over 1L, and light loads. Place items to wash over pins for the lower rack.

Upper rack must be used for culture tubes and 96 well deep culture plates. Make sure it clips onto the runners. Store it on the lower shelf of the cabinet between uses.

Dishwasher Operation

Place one scoop of detergent in the container on the door and snap closed. Detergent is located under the sink. Rinse aid is topped off weekly. (I have taken care of this for vacation)

Secure door by gently pushing closed and moving latch to the right. NOTE, when the upper rack is in use, you must have the door pushed all the way to to secure the latch.

The display will come up, and should show "GLASS." Press the start button ONCE. Twice will put it into the cancel mode which takes about two min to complete before you can start the machine again.

If you need to load another item, simply unlatch the door, load, and when relatched, the machine will go into a delay mode of about 200 seconds, then automatically continue the run.

The machine takes about two hours to complete it's cycle. There is a timer. After a period of time the display will shut off until the next run is started.

Proceed to autoclaving items.