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Detailed below is the procedure to use the NanoDrop machine to quantify amount of nucleic acid, specifically as prepared from [this protocol].


  • Sterile Water
  • Buffer without sample
  • Sample in buffer


Be very careful using the machine, the other lab is very strict about it and misuse may cause us to lose our privilege of using it.

  • Open up the NanoDrop application.
  • Choose "Nucleic Acid" on the GUI.
  • Aliquot 2 μL of sterile water on the sample space of the machine and then close it.
  • Click "OK." Make sure it clicks as it reads the sample.
  • Wipe the sample space with a Kimwipe.
  • Next, put in 2 μL of the buffer without the sample and click "Blank." Wipe it off with a Kimwipe. This is our control measurement.
  • Next, put in 2 μL of your sample. Click "Measure." Then clean the sample space with a Kimwipe.
  • Lastly, put on 2 μL of sterile water again, press it down, then move it back up again, and wipe it with a Kimwipe.

Name the file, click "Show Report," and "Save Window" into the shared CVRC folder to access it on our own computers.


Please feel free to post comments, questions, or improvements to this protocol. Happy to have your input!



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