Using libRmath from Perl scripts

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The following shows a Perl script that calls libRmath to calculate the Student's t-distribution. It takes each line of input and calculating the t-distribution P(T<t) for the first number with the second number (tab separated) giving the degrees of freedom.

It illustrates several points about how to use Inline::C, including the use of prefixes and library inclusion.

use strict;
use Inline C => "DATA",
  LIBS => '-lRmath -lm',
  PREFIX => 'R_';

while(<>)  {
  my ($q, $df) = split /\t/, $_;
  print pt($q, $df || 5), "\n";


#include <Rmath.h>

double R_pt(double q, int df)  {
  return pt(q,df,1,0);