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This is a very good entry. In the methods, you should say what stage your embryos were when you started the experiment. In the results, how long were the experimental embryos? Were your observations made on just one fish or on several? If several, you should say how many (n=...) and present the numbers as a mean ± standard deviation. I noticed that the language you used in your results was very similar to Lizzie's - make sure you and your partner are keeping your own notebooks in your own words! LS

3/6/2015 Good job! Be careful about how you describe PCR - you have it correct in your second sentence, but don't say that you use PCR to analyze gene sequence. You use it to make enough DNA to be able to get it sequenced. In the methods, you also want to say that you took a sample of the final PCR reaction and ran it on an agarose gel. LS

2/25/2015 Update: Yay, I can now see the tables that you uploaded.

Vertebrates - As I said in class, the vertebrate section should have been a separate entry with it's own purpose, methods (when did you observe your transect, temperature, etc.) and conclusions. One of the animals on your list is an invertebrate! Also you did not include the food web, describe what biotic and abiotic components of the transect would benefit your species, or write a paragraph about ecological concepts.

Invertebrates - This is good, you are just missing the description of worm movements and how that relates to body cavity type. Also, what class do mosquitoes belong in?

Plants - Good, just missing the answers to the questions about fungi. As I told your group, only angiosperms can be monocots or dicots, because only they have seeds with cotyledons. LS


Vertebrates - Missing entry

Invert lab - You did not include the invert table or send it to me. Also, you did not actually describe the movements of the worms and how it related to their body cavity type.

Plant lab - You only emailed me a list of the websites that you used, not the actual plant chart, nor did you say where the samples were located in the transect. Also, you did not answer the questions in the lab manual about Fungi.

Microbiology lab - You did a good job, the only thing you were missing was a description of the PCR set up and procedure.

1/27/2015 Great, your entry looks very nice! Don't forget to add a link to/upload your map. Also you need to list the biotic (living) and abiotic (non-living) components separately. There should be 5 of each. LS

1/30/2015 Your lab 2 entry was a bit sparse. You needed to include a description of what your Hay Infusion looked like and more detail on the Paramecia that you observed (photo/drawing, size measured with the ocular ruler, motility). You also needed to describe the serial dilution and plating procedure. LS