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Overall this is very good. Purpose - I don't think zebra fish embryos need bacteria in their environment to survive. Results - make sure you convert ocular units into micrometers or millimeters (conversion is in the lab manual). People unfamiliar with your microscope won't know what length that is. Also, if you recorded measurements for individual fish, you should present the average as a mean ± standard deviation and provide the number of fish that you measure. LS

3/7/2015 I'm glad that you identified one bacteria and that it mostly matched your description. You should include a reference for the identified species' characteristics, however. Also, what happened with the other sequence? I know that your group had two tubes sequenced. LS


Vert lab - Very good. I'm glad you found some animals on your second attempt, and lucky to see an eagle! In your food web, it looks like you have pictures of protists rather than bacteria. You should include them both in your web, just make sure to label them. I liked that you showed where things live as well. The two squirrels are in the same Phylum (last paragraph).

Invert lab - You covered everything though you didn't actually describe how the worms moved. Also, you don't need to include figures from the lab manual - the lab notebook is for your own data! LS

2/17/2015 Your purpose and conclusions are very good. I would like a little more plant identification, though. Your lab manual asked for Genus - I think you can identify the cat tail and those with dried-out flowers. You are missing the discussion questions about fungi from the manual. LS

1/26/2015 Your entries are very thorough and I like the pictures. It is OK for the materials and methods to be a list, but you need to add a bit more detail. Remember, the goal is that someone else should be able to reproduce what you did. In the first lab, you should describe how the Hay infusion is made. In the 2nd, the serial dilution procedure. LS

1/30/2015 Great! In the future if your photos don't turn out well, include drawings of your own rather than the dichotomous key. LS