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Week 2 Feedback

Here is the feedback on your Week 2 Assignment.

  • Thank you for completing the assignment on time.
  • You wrote something in the summary field about 90% of the time, keep up the good work!
  • In terms of the Aipotu Biochemistry exercise, there were some specific questions in the exercise that you needed to answer explicitly, which were missing from your assignment, such as providing the amino acid sequence of the four starting flowers, a table of the amino acid sequences for each allele, and the general genotype-phenotype rules.
  • You need to include an overall purpose for your journal entry and the conclusion you provided was too brief. It needs to be justified in terms of some more specific details of what you found.
  • Please include a "Data and Files" section, even if there were no files. You can note that in the section.
  • In your Acknowledgments section, please provide a few more details as to what each person contributed to the collaboration. You need to explicitly make the Academic Honesty statement and sign it with your wiki signature.
  • Overall, this was a good first attempt at an electronic notebook; in the future I recommend that you make sure that you have answered all of the questions and provided the required sections and statements.

Kam D. Dahlquist 16:17, 23 September 2016 (EDT)

Week 1 Feedback

Here is the feedback on your Week 1 Assignment. Thank you for completing the assignment on time. You may make up the points you missed on this assignment by completing the requested changes by the Week 3 wiki deadline, midnight Tuesday, September 20 (Monday night/Tuesday morning).

  • You completed all of the the items in the assignment, except for the following:
    • Please provide a link to your e-mail address. You may use a "mailto" link, or the link to e-mail you through OpenWetWare. Currently, your e-mail address is enclosed between square brackets, so it seems that you may have been trying to make it a link, but the syntax is incorrect. See me if you need assistance.
    • You wrote something in the Summary field for 95 out of 98 changes, or 97% of the time--keep up the good work--we are aiming at 100% of the time, so you're almost there.
    • There is no link to an website external to the OWW wiki.
    • You have only one level of headings; for the assignment, you need three. That means you need headers with 2, "==", 3, "===", and 4, "====" sets of equals signs.
    • You created a template with the lists of assignments, individual journals, and class journals. However, the "assignment" list actually points to your individual journal entries, instead of to the class assignment pages for which it was intended.
    • You included the Acknowledgments section, but you need to include the statement:
      • While I worked with the people noted above, this individual journal entry was completed by me and not copied from another source.
    • Followed by your wiki signature.
    • The References section is missing entirely. It needs to be included every week. For Week 1, it can just reference the Week 1 assignment page.
    • You can delete all of the auto-text that OpenWetWare placed on your Talk page below my feedback, as well as the "new user" template on your User page.
  • Do you think Janovy is slanted towards a particular type of biologist, organismal vs. molecular, for example?

Kam D. Dahlquist 02:29, 13 September 2016 (EDT)