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3/18/2015 You are missing the 16S sequence journal entry. LS


Vert lab - very nice food web. Deer is both the singular and plural for deer - weird, I know, but it is both "one deer" and "three deer".

Invert lab - Great job! You provided good explanations of how the worms move. There is a mismatch between the identification of your insects and their size, though. Springtails are usually less than 6 mm long. 100 mm = 10 cm = about 4 inches. Earthworms could be 70 mm, like the ones we had out in a dish, but those wouldn't fit through the mesh in your Berlese funnel. Typically ground spiders are about twice as big as springtails, so you might have a different kind of spider. LS

2/15/2015 You did a good job describing your plants, but include photos or drawings - especially of the leaf, because that would help you identify the type of tree. For the lab report, you want to use scientific names of the vegetables and narrow down the type of tree. LS

2/6/2015 You gave a thorough description of the PCR procedure but could do the same for Gram staining - you want someone to be able to repeat the procedure! You did a good job of describing the difference between the tet and non-tet plates, but are missing how tetracycline kills bacteria.

A couple of math issues - one is that bacteria should be micrometers in diameter, not centimeters. For the serial dilutions, if you multiply 250 x 10^5, you get 25,000,000 instead of 250,000. Remember to count your zeros! LS

1/30/2015 Good hypothesis, and I'm glad that your data fit it. Thank you for citing your sources! Next time, put Methods before Data. LS

1/27/2015 Excellent! My only comment is that it is "protist", not "protest". LS